Neue Wege im Europäischen Dialog

42 liberals from 13 European countries met in Berlin on October 29th and 30th to discuss „New ways in European dialogue„. Hans Jürgen Beerfeltz, former federeal director of the German FDP – today State Secretary in the German Ministry for economic cooperation and development – gave a clos insight of the German last electional campaign. To him gras roots campaigning is still the way to success. New social media is the key to transport content and keep parties sympathisants informed. Ralf Froehlich from the German-Swedish agency Himmel and Yord explained that agencies need political messages to help campaigns reaching their audience. The Danish parliamentarian Mads Rorvig opened a panoramic view to internet means for getting people involved in political discussion and argumentation. Hilary Stephenson, head of campaign and elections from the British Liberaldemocrats stressed that the mixture of instruments, classical and new ways to liberal voters have to point out the individual benefits of a party’s offers.
Finally Louis Perron from Switzerland described the asian way to the voters: emotion and believeability are the base of good results on election days.
Helmut Metzner from the German Liberals and Niels Kirkegaard from Ventre, the Danish Liberals summarised: European liberals offer a lot of best practice examples for increasing resonance of the liberal belief. All participants were of one mind: ELDR which gave financial support to the seminar should continue the exchange of experience their member parties are full of.
The video of the seminar will presented on the homepage of the German Free Democtratic Party.So those how could not join the event have the opportunity to learn their lesson. Learn more from the documentation video:

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